Press Clipping

Margy Kahn
Reviewed 2016-12-26
Modern take on the Django Rheinhardt/Stephane Grapelli collaboration in 1934 in the Quintette du Hot Club du France; very pleasant and mellow; singer puts a nice spin on the enunciation of both French and English lyrics

NO FCC”S; Favorite tracks: 4, 9, 12, 13

1- Menilmontant (3:40) – very familiar and smooth

2- Coquette (3:22) – very nice clarinet intrumental intro's English lyrics

3 – Je Suis Swing (3:30) – nicely articulated lyrics and instrumentals; very light and upbeat

*4 – La complainte de la butte (3:43) – voice and guitar, lyrical waltz; tenderly sung with violin and accordion accents

5- I can't give you anything but love (4:00) – competent breezy version of the old standard

6- Stompin' at decca (2:52) – quick and pretty uptempo instrumental; virtuoso mandolin (?)

7- Darling je vous aime beaucoup (3:24) – cross-language romance ; nice quick fox trot

8-C'est si bon (3:20) – sounds more 50's than 30's with female doo-wop

*9- Songs d'automne (3:34) – valse a little bit triste to start and then segues to uptempo two-step; instrumental

10-Le soleil et la lune (2:32) – very light and lyrical; quick tempo

11- Sweet Sue, Just You (3:22) – English lyrics; long instrumental interlude; a little camp

*12-Seul se soir (4:23) – pensive French lyrics with guitar chords; lovely; nice guitar and then violin interlude

*13- J'ai ta main (3:45) – nice mise en scene with accordion backing

14- Rosetta (2:58) – peppy little number in English

15-Claire de lune (3:59) – starts with nice clarinet solo; segues to guitar and violin; instrumental

16- Qu'est-ce qu'on attend pour etre heureux? (3:20)--uptempo and light